Entryway Inspiration

Entryway Inspiration

Winter is brutal. As I type this, it is 16 degrees outside. The trek from my car to the front door seems like a marathon in such unforgiving cold. But the moment I step inside and quickly close the door behind me, I am met with warmth – not just from the heater but from the comfort and feeling of home.

There is a wood chair next to my front door to catch my bag and a mirror is mounted above to chair so I can make a causal spot check before jetting out the door. A wall-mounted coat rack is to the left of the door to keep my winter coats, umbrella, and keys in order. I don’t spend much time in the entryway of my ¬†house but it certainly presents the feeling that dances from one room to the next.

Your entryway isn’t just the catchall for your snow boots, rain coat, keys and umbrella – it is the first impression of your home. It gives a taste of your style and the atmosphere of your space. That being said, we have several tips to help you inject your style into the entryway while maintaining its utility.



The Naturalist Entryway features the Takara Entry Butler and
the Takara Umbrella Caddy along with other honey-grained wood.



The Mid-Century Modern Entryway displays design classics like the Eames Hang-It-All
and isn’t afraid of other colorful accents.



The Modern Minimalist Entryway utilizes the Transit Bench, a simple coat hook,
and a neutral grey entry mat.



The Elegant Entryway features an eye-catching sculptural console table, a vast mirror, and some vases scattered about.



The Casual & Classic Entryway focuses on simple form and necessary function with a Storage Cubby Bench and a Wall Mounted Entry Cubby.


Browse our Entryway Gallery for more inspiration and ideas for your home. If you are unsure where you fall on the spectrum of style take our Smart Profile Quiz and receive reward points as well.

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