Emeco Sale: Save 15% on Awesomeness

Emeco Sale: Save 15% on Awesomeness

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Our exclusive Emeco sale will run through May 27th, and you’ll be able to save 15% any day of the week, on any of Emeco’s fine chairs and stools. And they even have a couple of tables!

OK, so now that the sale info is out of the way, why don’t we take a look at some of Emeco’s chairs. Our first stop? The original Emeco Navy Chair.


Emeco Navy Chair

The chair that started it all – the Navy Chair, built light and strong to withstand life on
U.S. Navy ships during World War 2. This chair will never end up in a garbage can.
It’s hardy, it’s attractive, and it’s comfortable.


Emeco Navy Barstool

A natural sequel to the original Navy Chair, the Navy Stool perfectly complements industrial
fittings, and provides a great contrast to natural wood – especially if it’s dark.


For years (a whole lot of them) Emeco (which stands for Electric Machine and Equipment Company) stuck with the same formula: make the chair that everyone thinks is awesome, and don’t worry about making anything else. However, in recent years they’ve worked with designer Philippe Starck to create more chairs – always aluminum, with some wood thrown in there more recently. The Kong Armchair is one example of his work for Emeco.

Our next stop is also Emeco’s latest “big thing;” it’s been seen in restaurants and homes throughout the world because of its classic form and colorful palette. Through a partnership with Coca-Cola, which is sort of a big deal here in Chattanooga (don’t worry – we weren’t paid to say that), the 111 Navy Chair was created.


Emeco 111 Navy Chair

The 111 Navy Chair is formed from recycled plastic bottles (111 of them – go figure)
and hand-finished by people like this guy.


Emeco 111 Navy Chair

Boasting the same physical touches as the original, the 111 Navy Chair’s mold even
takes weld marks into account. This one’s not going to last for 700 years like the aluminum
Navy Chair, but it sure is good-looking. Red on white never fails to get my attention.


Emeco 111 Navy Chair

The 111 Navy Chair is in widespread use in restaurants all over the world. This one’s in
San Diego, CA – you might even recognize the setting!


Thanks for following us on our tour of Emeco’s classic seating! Check out our exclusive Emeco sale: at 15% off, this classic seating is easy to get your hands on – your dining room or patio will thank you.


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