Earth Day DIY

Earth Day DIY

Root veggies

The weather in Chattanooga this year has had a hard time defining itself. It’s had somewhat of an identity crisis. Winter didn’t start until late December and then in January people were busting out their bare arms. March and early April brought on snow storm threats with intense hail happenings. Now in mid-April, Spring has sprung. The sidewalks are carpeted with cherry blossom petals. With Earth Day set for Monday, April 22, there is no more perfect way to begin honoring our planet than with a home garden.

Perhaps serendipitous or just plain lucky, the Chattanooga Market’s opening weekend is this Sunday, April 21. There is something missing from my weekend if I do not schedule a Sunday stop by the market. It is a smorgasbord of vendors: Regional farmers, local crafters, city food trucks, and Southern musicians. Another plus is it is free. Note to self: strawberry season is not to be missed. This Sunday may not have a plethora of produce on display because it is too early in the season. But your Earth Day does not have to be absent of veggies; if you are so inclined, join in on our Earth Day DIY – no seeds necessary.


Our No Seeds Necessary DIY was discovered on Anthropologie’s How To: Paper Root Veggies. All you need are discarded sheets of newspaper, masking tape, paints, scissors, wire, wire cutter, hot glue gun, and your imagination.

DIY supplies


1. Ball up your newspaper into the shape of your preferred veggie then begin taping it.
2. Draw and cut several varieties of shaped leaves out of paper. Remember to paint both sides. We used watercolor paints.
3. Hot glue your leaves to the wire. Paint your paper veggies with acrylic paint.
4. Create a hole at the top of the veggie so you can slip paper leaves into place.
5. Enjoy, but don’t eat!


Paper Veggies

Don’t Forget about the CF Smackdown this Sunday at 1pm. So much to do in Chattanooga this weekend!

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