Eames Giveaway Day 3 Winner – Cristina C.

Eames Giveaway Day 3 Winner – Cristina C.

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It’s Day 3 of the Summer of Eames Giveaway, and today we’ve given away an Eames Hang-It-All – to our lucky winner Cristina C. from Richmond, VA.┬áCongratulations, Cristina!

I wish we were set up like The Price is Right, so that we could call people down out of the audience. We’d get all excited, everyone would cheer, and each day’s winner would come down to the front on the verge of freaking out. And then they’d tell us that they love us just like everyone did to Bob Barker.



Even though we’re not set up like The Price is Right, you can still enter to win the Summer of Eames Giveaway. And if you really want to do so, you can send us a video clip of yourself freaking out when you hear the news that you won. We won’t complain!

Enter the Eames Giveaway now – there are 2 more sweet prizes left, including the Grand Prize of an Eames Executive Work Chair. Awesome, right?

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