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in the new year
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The New Year is here, and Smart Furniture can help make the look of your home, and the way you organize it, uniquely yours. In your new Spring Catalog, you will find a wide range of new products, many exclusively designed by Smart Furniture.

Ever wondered what to do with that space under your stairs, for example? Take a look at our cover for a beautiful, innovative solution. Have another space you want to transform? Smart Furniture makes it easy, with what we call “Design on Demand®.”

We start by designing and selecting products that can adapt to your unique needs, style and vision—quickly and easily. Smart Furniture embodies both form and function, from customizable shelves, displays and tables, to distinctive lighting and accessories.

We then back our products up with world-class design and customer services. Call us at 888 467 6278, seven days a week. Our team of friendly and experienced designers is available to answer your questions, take your order, or help you create a custom design or full room layout.

Want to design your own space online, or prefer to shop on the web? Visit for our widest selection of products and our award-winning online Smart Designer®.

You are unique, and Smart Furniture understands that. Design on Demand means that Smart Furniture adapts to you rather than the other way around (many of our products are even tool-free!).

So be creative —and have some fun— with our distinctive products and world-class service. We’ll make it simple for you to transform ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces.

Thank you, and we look forward to serving you.

Stephen Culp
CEO, Smart Furniture

Click here to request a new Smart Furniture Catalog

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