Daylight Savings Time is here

Daylight Savings Time is here

Nelson Sunflower Clock

On Sunday morning at 2:00 A.M. we, along with 75 other countries, will advance our clocks forward an hour for Daylight Savings Time. As early as 1784, Benjamin Franklin advanced the concept as a means to save money by reducing candle use. However, the practice wasn’t formalized in the U.S. and other major European countries until 1916 when the world was in the midst of WWI.

Though energy conservation was the motivation for increasing our daylight hours, there has been little scientific evidence that it actually helps us conserve electricity use. However, with the abundance of energy-efficient appliances, light bulbs, and LED lighting, we can still be smarter in how we use our energy.

LED bulbs can be used for any kind of light – from pendants, floor and desk lamps to track lighting. They offer a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. That’s 11 years of continuous operation, or 22 years of 50% use. How’s that for efficiency? Plus, they are ecologically friendly, durable, and more efficient at dispersing light to a desired location.

Think it’s time to go LED? Shop our Lighting Sale and find beautiful earth-friendly options to brighten your space.

Pablo Clamp Lamp Mini

Tired of that old clock? Spring forward with a Nelson Clock by Vitra, on sale right now! These classic timepieces almost don’t need an introduction. George Nelson created his diverse collection using an array of materials and sculptural forms. These dazzling collector’s items are as fresh and relevant now as when they were first introduced in the 1950’s.

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