Cool Cats II: Muz

NAME: Muz / Age: 3-1/2
OWNER:  Catharine C
NICKNAME:  Muz (short for: Moon Unit Zappa)
M/F:  She’s a lady
HOBBIES:  Grooming, torturing cave crickets, sleeping, grooming, trying to fit in between people sitting on the couch, playing with various feather and foil toys, bothering my roommates, meowing, and grooming some more.
UNIQUE & QUIRKY?  Muz was an accidental name that just stuck. She has big blue eyes that sometimes go crossed when she plays. She’s the fluffiest cat I know.
ANYTHING ELSE?  Muz is a rescue kitty. She was originally named Ms. Icicle (terrible name). She and Mr. Icicle had been abandoned at the cat clinic on the coldest day of winter – a snowy Sunday when the clinic was closed. Mr. Icicle was adopted first. I adopted her on a total impulse on Memorial Day 2 years ago, which I celebrate as her unofficial birthday. She simply charmed me and I knew I had to take her home. If you can, rescue an older pet who needs a good home!

Karen Culp

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