Christmas … It’s That Time Of Year

Christmas … It’s That Time Of Year

Warning: I am about to nerd out on some stuff. Proceed with as much excitement as I do.

So Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I’ve found that quite a few others feel similarly. It is time for going all out and not giving a hoot about it, seeing old friends and family, eating as many cookies as possible … and so much more. So I’d like to share with you some of my favorite things about Christmas 2012 — little tidbits that I’ve seen pop up here and there that are seeming to make this Christmas extra bright.

Crafting looks to be a huge trend this year. Ideas are becoming more and more accessible as bloggers and others are sharing more and more. So the people close to me, namely the people that live with me, know that I have an odd obsession with gold spray paint. Call me Midas, but I have an insatiable urge to spraypaint random objects gold. I can’t explain it, so I just accept it. And it’s particularly useful around the holidays. This year, glitter has been added to the mix. It just makes the season a bit more … sparkly. If you’re feeling crafty like me, here are few holiday (and gold) inspired mini projects to get those decorating details glowing.



Awhile back I participated in Pinterest contest that got me really thinking about the spirit of planning a holiday party. This is where I have decided to go all out in particular. So for this contest, the object was to create a board that expressed the look of your ideal holiday party. Um, yes please. I went nuts with inspiration! (See my board here.) I am a huge fan of old school party themes. I mean they really knew how to throw a party back in the day, didn’t they? So where did this lead me? Well, I’ve gone straight to work planning a themed New Year’s Eve Party! And you better believe this board is the inspiration. So if you need a little extra party planning juice, Pinterest may be a good place to start if you haven’t been there yet. Here are some of my favorite looks for the festive home for party time or family time:



My goodness! This sure gets Christmas juices flowing! What brilliant ideas have you had this holiday? Share them with us!

Happy Holidays!

Catharine Coll

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