Christmas Decorations, Smart Furniture Style

Christmas Decorations, Smart Furniture Style

Today’s post is nothing more or less than a collection of images from our Christmas decorations at home. Some like massive amounts of lights; some like symmetry; some get super-festive and decorate themselves. As you’ll see, we’ve got a ton of ways to make merry and we’re all different in how we go about them. That’s part of what we love so much about working at Smart Furniture. This is one group of people who couldn’t be more different — and yet couldn’t be happier to work together every day. It’s been a great year.

Oh, and what’s Christmas without a (few) gingerbread house(s)? Adam doesn’t do things on anything less than full blast. That’s a really good thing, considering that he’s in Customer Service. If you’re going to make people happy, make them completely happy, right? Enjoy the gingerbread explosion — and go ahead, make one of your own! We won’t tell if you eat too much candy.

Adam's Gingerbread Houses

Adam’s Gingerbread Houses That You Wish You Could Eat

Do you have any holiday decorations you’re especially proud of? Email a picture to us, and we just may put it on our blog in a special post-Christmas collection of readers’ festivity. We know you all have some pretty creative minds — so turn on some music, light up the tree, grab some eggnog, and get clicking!

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