Celebrate 10 Years with Smart Furniture

If you didn’t already know (and why wouldn’t you?) this month marks Smart Furniture’s 10-year anniversary. That’s right, it was ten years ago that a young Stanford Law student by the name of Stephen Culp was hit with the inspiration for our flagship product: Smart Shelves.

The idea behind Smart Shelves was to make furniture that put design into the hands of the customer, a concept we called Design On Demand. We wanted to break down the barrier between the company and the customer, and designer and the consumer. Ten years later, we’ve accomplished those goals, and established some new ones.

From a single storage facility in California to a warehouse, studio and corporate office in Chattanooga, we’ve come a long way. When we thought about how we wanted to celebrate our big milestone, our thoughts turned to the people who got us where we are, and the people we started this company to serve: You. Our customers took Design On Demand and ran with it, and our customers helped turn us into one of the premier online furniture sellers in the country. Our customers made our partnerships with dealers like Herman Miller and Steelcase successful, and our customers are the reason we opened a studio to sell our products directly.

When we think back over ten great years, years that made this company what it is today, we think about how we began, and who we relied on. We began with a revolutionary idea for shelving, and we relied on the intelligence and creativity of our customers. That’s why we want to celebrate both by announcing, beginning November 1st, a 25% off sale on all of our Smart Shelves, still the flagship product of our company. We figure this will give folks who already have the shelves a good opportunity to get a few more, and newbies the chance to get their first set.

One more thing, for the people who’ve been with us for ten years:

Thank You.

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