Carl Hansen Sale Ends Tomorrow

Carl Hansen Sale Ends Tomorrow

Since the Carl Hansen sale ends tomorrow, I thought that now would be a good time to mention that Hans Wegner was a genius. I mean, I don’t know if he was a Mensa-type genius, but his eye for form and his ability to strip things down to their essential elements were legendary.

And since Wegner designed everything that we offer from Carl Hansen there’s no better reason to take advantage of this sale. Save 15%, receive classic furniture at a discount. Win.

When Hans Wegner began working with wood, he was a child apprentice to a master cabinetmaker. (This is the part in the story where I wistfully think about how good I’d be at making beautiful things if my parents had apprenticed me to a top-notch craftsman.) When he was in his 20’s he went to Copenhagen and attended the Danish School of Arts and Crafts, as well as the Architectural Academy.

It was probably during that period of his life that he first thought, “I think that furniture is my future, and I’m going to make some really outstanding designs that people will call ‘classic.’ In fact, my furniture will be in museums.”

So that’s what he did. During the time when the mid-century movement was firing on all cylinders, he was one of the bright designers who provided inspiration and staying power for the design world’s revolutionary achievements. His work shows the mark of someone who really understood wood, the human form, and the way the eye perceives beauty. Not one of those three elements of a good furniture design is missing from Wegner’s chairs.

You have through tomorrow to save a bundle on Wegner designs like the Wishbone Chair, Elbow Chair, Shell Chair, and Wing Chair. Wait until the last minute if you really feel like you need to, but don’t miss out.

Carl Hansen Wishbone Chairs and Wing Chair

Carl Hansen Wishbone Chairs, CH388 Table, and Wing Chair, designed by Hans Wegner

Carl Hansen Shell Chair

Carl Hansen Shell Chair, designed by Hans Wegner

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