Blu Dot Sale Starts Today!

Blu Dot Sale Starts Today!

Now that we have your attention, we can tell you a bit more about the legendary Blu Dot 20/20 Sale.

It’s not only great modern furniture – everyone knows that – but it’s also one of the best sales in the industry. 20% off for 20 days. This yearly Blu Dot sale is a good 5% better than the majority of sales you’ll see from the biggest modern furniture manufacturers.

Simple, right? You bet.

And now, for some proof that Blu Dot makes really cool furniture (and takes really weird pictures of it).


Blu Dot Diplomat Sleeper Sofa

For all those times when you want to put a lamp on the floor: the Diplomat Sleeper Sofa. Modern,
flexible, and very well disguised. A sleeper sofa doesn’t have to look like a futon after all!


Blu Dot Bank Sofa Series

Sometimes, you need a sofa that can be turned onto its back with a foam hand pointing at it.
That’s where the Bank Sofa comes in. Either that, or you need a sofa that conveys a sense of
both mid-century and new modern in one design. This series is very flexible and very chic.


Blu Dot One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa

Is that a baby rattle, or is it a dumbbell? We’re not sure. But it’s on one of the best-looking sleeper sofas
in existence: the One Night Stand. We’ve found this to be a popular choice, and it’s no surprise.
Small enough for the smallest apartment, large enough to sleep two comfortably.


Go save 20% at the Blu Dot Sale!

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