Bloomberg Businessweek Design Conference

Bloomberg Businessweek Design Conference

Businessweek Design Conference LogoOn January 14, 2013 Bloomberg Businessweek will gather some of today’s most influential designers for the first annual Businessweek Design Conference at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, CA.

The Bloomberg Businessweek Design Conference includes designers and creative types from an array of industries — architecture, graphic design, genomics and even robotics — in an effort to better understand how design impacts the world. Bloomberg and Bloomberg Businessweek are generally associated with the corporate world, so seeing them gather designers like Yves Behar and Patricia Urquiola to discuss ways design can make the world better is pretty cool.

Sayl Chair by Yves Behar

The Sayl Chair by Yves Behar

When Bloomberg purchased Businessweek in 2009, the magazine was organized to appeal to corporate interests and business types. Since 2009, under the direction of Josh Tyrangiel and Richard Turley, Businessweek has expanded its scope and is now one of the premier resources for information on the latest in the design world as well as what’s happening on Wall Street. Just look at the most recent issue (December 17–23). In addition to articles on “Foundering Factories” and “The GOP’s Identity Quest” there’s also coverage of colorful socks in the office and the appointment of fashion designer Alexander Wang as creative director of Balenciaga. More than just covering the latest business ventures or corporate mergers, Businessweek has truly become a periodical bent on capturing the best elements of life today.

As that scope continues to expand, it’s no surprise that Businessweek has moved on to organizing conferences with leaders of the design world. After all, news is about fostering communication — and what better way to foster communication than by bringing together leaders of an industry? Attendance is by invitation only, but coverage of the Businessweek Design Conference will be available through Bloomberg TV, and other Businessweek outlets. In addition, the January 28, 2013 issue of Businessweek is slated to be a special on design, covering the highlights of the conference. Look to these outlets in mid-January to see the results of collaboration between some of today’s premier designers.

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