Bedroom Style: 8 Dos and Don’ts

Bedroom Style: 8 Dos and Don’ts

It’s time to get going on a bedroom style makeover, and for some of us that’s a daunting prospect. We’ve all experienced it: that feeling of “what do I do now” when tackling a big project in our homes. We don’t want to make choices that could end up tainting our entire experience within what ought to be our sanctuary, our favorite room in the entire home.

Fortunately, we have an expert on our side. I’ve asked Caroline, one of our designers, to ride shotgun on this post. She’ll be popping in with some tips on how we can make our bedroom style as great as it can be. Here are 8 dos and don’ts to help you hit the highs and avoid the lows.


Do: Keep your open storage organized

Nothing kills a room’s vibe like clutter. And nothing adds to the bedroom’s open feeling like well-organized open storage, whether it be a nightstand with an open shelf, a bookcase that has enough open space to reveal the wall behind it, or functional and modern storage like the Cubitec shown below. Keep your open storage clear of extra “knick-knacks” and you’ll find it easier to keep it clean and attractive.

Bedroom open shelving

I guarantee that you’d be repelled by this bedroom if the shelves were messy. But as neat as
the Cubitec is, it’s a welcoming, open space.


Don’t: Bring other rooms into your bedroom

Nothing says “sexy time” like a laptop and tangle of cords, right? Or, even better – a 60″ flatscreen. You might as well say, “I don’t really care if anything special happens tonight.”

But even beyond killing romance, electronics in the bedroom look tacky. As great as the furniture in the picture below looks, wouldn’t it look much better if there was art on the wall in the space taken up by the television?

Soho Bedroom Set

The Soho Collection offers one of the best ways to display a TV in the bedroom if you live in a
studio apartment or if you have no other choice.

Design Tip: “You have a small space, but it’s recommended to not have a TV or desk in your bedroom – nothing kills intimacy and warmth like the cold eye of an electronic device. If you need a desk in your bedroom, the Catalina Laptop Desk is a great option with a pull-out laptop surface and drawers to hold your clothing.”


Do: Keep it full of light

You know the part in that movie where the main characters wake up next to each other next to an open window with sheer curtains and white, luxurious bedding? On a tropical island? With their huge suitcase full of money that they managed to get away with?

If you can’t add the money or tropical island to your design, at least add the light. A general principle is to have at least three light sources to chase away dark corners on those winter evenings. And as far as possible, leave the windows as unobstructed as possible. Whether that means using semi-transparent curtains or just opening them wide whenever you can, let your windows serve their functional purpose.

Astrid Bedroom Set

This bedroom hits a few of our “dos.” It features three light sources (assuming an overhead light),
it has a reading chair, and it isn’t overcrowded.



Track lighting can be useful when there is very little outside light entering through
the windows. (image credit: houzz)

Design Tip: “Low on vitamin D from the winter doldrums? Open those curtains! Add some extra lighting to make it feel more like daylight when it’s only 6:30pm. It always helps when light is adjustable; the Gloss Table Lamp can be positioned to aim light in almost any direction. For mood, go with diffused light from the Isabella Lamp by Pablo Designs.”


Don’t: Get furniture that’s too big

To spare those of you who are claustrophobic, I won’t even bother with a picture of this one. Let’s just say this: if your bedroom furniture takes up too much space, you’ll feel it – and fast. Stubbing your toes in the middle of the night because your bed’s too close to the dresser isn’t fun.

Instead of wondering about how big your furniture should be, take a picture of your bedroom and use SmartSpace to visualize how any additions you’re considering will fit.

Bedroom SmartSpace

Add the furniture you’re considering to SmartSpace, and you’ll be able to proportionally size it to
find out if it will fit in your bedroom (you can use a picture of your own bedroom as a background).


Do: Maximize your storage space

You, like most of us, have more than enough clothing and less than enough storage space. Reach a compromise with yourself: only add new clothing if you’re giving away or donating an equal amount of what you don’t wear anymore. You’ll never run out of clothes storage space again!

You’ll still need to store the clothes and bedding you keep, of course – and an easy place to add more storage is under the bed. If you are able to get a storage bed, so much the better! However, if you don’t have the option, don’t just fill containers and put them under the bed. That’ll kill the open feeling of your bedroom, no matter how large it is. Consider how you can expand your closed storage. Get a nightstand with drawers; get rid of some unnecessary clothing.

LAXseries Storage Platform Bed

The LAXseries Storage Platform Bed (available with or without storage headboard) offers both
under-bed drawers and a headboard storage unit that eliminates the need for nightstands – especially useful in a smaller room where square footage is at a premium.


Berkeley Bedroom Set

The Berkeley Collection includes dressers of every size you can imagine, and a nightstand
with drawers to hold more of your essentials.

Design Tip: “Why waste space under the bed? Storage beds allow you to use every amount of space available with drawers under the bed. Like to wake up in the morning to a mess-free bedroom? Opt for a nightstand with drawers rather than just a bedside table. Then you’ll be using that space for more than just show.”


Don’t: Use too many decor items

Clutter kills calm. Repeat that after me five times. Now go look at your bedroom, note what looks (or makes you feel) the least bit cluttered, and organize it. Eliminate what you don’t absolutely love. Set aside the things you are on the fence about, and if you don’t miss them after a while, get rid of them. When it comes to the bedroom, less is more.

Carmichael Bed

Minimally decorated, with just enough to show character, this bedroom feels like a place where
the air is fresh and the light is uninhibited. (shown: Carmichael Bed and Annex End Table)

Design Tip: “Clutter is not cool, especially in the bedroom; do you realize how much time you spend in there? Even though your eyes are closed for most of the time you’re in the bedroom, imagine the feeling of opening your eyes to a clutter free, organized room. This is not to say you can’t display your favorite things. Put your decor to work! Incorporate multi-purpose things; the Adorn Jewelry Holder looks awesome and holds your jewelry.”


Do: Indulge in high-quality linens

You know what it feels like to sleep between sheets that are silky smooth. You know the look that gives you the most peace and contentment. Go get linens that do that for you! You use them every night – shouldn’t you only get bed linens that will make your bedroom look and feel like your favorite place?

Bliss Living Daliya duvet set

The Daliya duvet set from Bliss Living is an easy way to add glamour to your bedroom.

Design Tip: “The two best things in the world are: a new pair of socks and freshly cleaned linens. Consider this a smart investment – high thread count linens for your bed will be like your own little slice of heaven here on earth.”


Don’t: Forget a cozy sitting spot

There’s no more iconic statement of modern comfort than the Eames Lounge and Ottoman. And it’s not just a statement. It really is that comfortable. But even if you don’t have space in your bedroom for this classic chair, there are quite a few others from which to choose.

This is the coup de grâce when it comes to bedroom decor. If you’ve added a sitting spot, you’re probably pretty close to finished. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Eames Lounge Bedroom

The Eames Lounge is just at home in the bedroom as it is anywhere else in the home.
(image credit: houzz)



Variety of seating makes the bedroom homey and useful. If you have space for a
window seat, go for it! A well-done window seat adds timeless appeal and storage space.
(image credit: houzz)

Design Tip: “When you curl up with a book in your bedroom – unless you like the idea of reading in bed and earning a stiff neck – you’ll want to have a comfortable chair. Add a cozy throw (like the Morgan or Timothy throws) and you’ll be set up for comfort all year round.”

Remember: If you are inspired, no “do” or “don’t” is a law. You can break these rules – as long as you have a purpose in mind. And once you’ve achieved your dream bedroom, you’ll feel that much better knowing that you’re finished with the project.

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