Bedroom Style: Decorate Like a Champ

Bedroom Style: Decorate Like a Champ

It’s easy to get stuck in the details when planning out your space – especially in such a commonly used room as the bedroom. We’ve gone over some Dos and Don’ts in the bedroom, but here are some tips to fine tune the space where you probably spend the most time.


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Color and Pattern

You can choose to be consistent or bold in décor color. If you’re the non-committal type or unable to introduce color via wall paint, consider your options with your décor items. Coordinate accents in a single color for tranquility and uniformity or pick two colors that are complementary to add visual interest to your space. You can also make pattern the focus as opposed to color. A well placed pattern – on wall, floor, or bedspread – can carry a lot of weight when it comes to décor.



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Reinvent Your Safe Haven

This is something I wish I had the space for…. If space permits, tuck a comfy armchair into a corner area for an instant resting or reading nook.



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Mirror, Mirror

Beyond looking beautiful and lux, mirrors can serve a very practical purpose in a space. A well placed mirror can reflect outside views and light and help make small bedrooms feel larger. Not into the tapestry/quilt idea? Hang an oversized mirror on a wall devoid of windows or interest to create a view where one didn’t exist before. Leaning a tall mirror against a wall can also create the illusion of depth … not to mention that it can be a handy spot for dressing in the morning!



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