Announcing the Gus Modern President’s Day Sale

Announcing the Gus Modern President’s Day Sale

Gus Modern President's Day Sale

This Monday is President’s Day. To celebrate, Gus Modern is offering 10% off their entire collection this weekend only. Today through Monday (February 18th), you can enjoy a 10% discount on pieces like the Jane Bisectional Sofa, the Atwood Chair, and the Spencer Sofa. Those are just some of the highlights – there’s plenty more Gus available at our store.

For those who are curious, here’s a bit more about Gus Modern and the work they are producing.

Gus Modern

Inspired by simple forms and honest materials, Gus Modern lives on the simplicity of everyday objects, and strives to combine great design and practical purpose. Gus Modern furniture is inspired by mid-century design philosophies, featuring clean, tailored, classic lines and shapes – making it a favorite choice for architects and designers alike. With environmental considerations at the forefront, Gus Modern also uses FSC-certified wood in support of responsible forest management.

With a celebrated collection of sofas, tables, and home decor accessories to offer, Gus Design Group is at the forefront of contemporary home furnishing and design. Started by an industrial engineer and two of his friends, Gus Modern is based in Toronto, Canada and specializes in designing quality furniture that is highly aesthetic, functional, and original. With products that fit a variety of styles, Gus has a look that ranges from the ultra-modern to the subtly contemporary. With humble beginnings as a retail store, Gus grew as time passed and is now available across North America.

Gus Modern Sofas include some of the most celebrated designs in lounge seating of the last decade. With more traditional couches like the Clinton and Carter Sofas, as well as more outré models like the Delano, Gus Designs has been responsible for a wide variety of sofas to choose from to fit a wide range of tastes.


Jane Bi-Sectional by Gus Modern

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