Adam Fills the Smart Furniture Office with Smoke

Adam Fills the Smart Furniture Office with Smoke

This post relates events that took place in the Smart Furniture kitchen around 3 pm on February 5th. Basically, one of our beloved co-workers burned his mac and cheese and filled our office with smoke. The following email was sent to staff by Adam, the perpetrator of the acrid event. 

To all breathing humans at 430 Market:

I apologize for the intense smoke, difficulty breathing, burning eyes, and atrocious smell. This is my greatest FAIL of 2013. Here’s what happened:
Adam's Velveeta 

Completely not thinking + forgetting to add the key ingredient when microwaving my lunch + 3.5 minutes later =


Sorry x1000000!!!!!
Go head, heckle away, lol


Today, this flowchart appeared on the microwave:

How to Use a Microwave

How to Use a Microwave

If you happen to run into Adam anytime soon give him some hot food, as his microwave privileges have been revoked. 

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