Acoustic Sound from an iPhone Dock

Acoustic Sound from an iPhone Dock

A company called iSkelter has some very unique solid wood iPhone docks. It looks like they craft all this stuff in the US and, while I haven’t played with any of it yet, it sure does look nice in the pictures. Click a picture you like to learn more about how to acquire your very own bamboo iPhone or iPad accessory.


Chisel 5


This item in particular looks very cool. It’s an acoustic amplifier box for your iPhone. I don’t know how much sound this actually creates, but I can tell how this would be useful. Sometimes you just want a smidge more sound coming out of your phone and don’t want to deal with charging or plugging in an iPhone dock speaker. It’s still in development, but we’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available.


iskelter iPhone Doc


Kudos to iSkelter. This looks neat. And best of all, we’ll be featuring it on our site very soon. Stay in touch!













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