A Week With Karen & Cobi

Day Three
Another hectic day filled with phone calls, unplanned (but important) meetings away from my desk and one here in my office. This is lucky, since I have cobi. In meetings, I like to curl one leg up on my seat. With cobi, it feels great. I shift sideways and lean one arm over the seat back. I note how easy and intuitive changing positions is in cobi, the seat back flexing softly under the weight of my arm. Meeting is over. Now, I am seated forward, perched at the front edge of my seat, looking intently at my screen. I have come to recognize this as my “working position,” or what others refer to as “being in the zone.” During these moments of heightened concentration, I am really focused (and extremely productive, I might add). With cobi’s flexible seat front, I don’t even have to think about how I sit – I am simply comfortable. In contrast, my regular office chair is sub-standard, hard-edged, unsupportive and non-conforming. It is the opposite of ergonomic. Work is often interrupted by the resulting numbness and pressure against my legs. It then takes several minutes to find a comfortable position. Maybe I’ll try to curl my leg up on the seat again. Or maybe I should lean back. I could try sitting forward…

Maybe I need my own cobi.

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