A Week With Karen & Cobi

Day Five
How quickly time flies with cobi – already on Day 5. By the way, did I mention cobi ships in 5 days? Actually, it may be changing now to 2 days, which I think is pretty amazingly quick for a chair that you can customize. Just thought I’d toss that out there. I was pretty sore climbing the stairs this morning from a particularly intense kickboxing class recently. Thankfully, I have a supportive and comfortable seat to relieve the stress on my body! The cushioned seat pad is soothing and helps me forget the abuse my backside endured the day before. I am grateful of just how accommodating cobi is, allowing me to sit in multiple positions to stretch my legs. Ahhhh. Thank you, cobi.

Since 5 is the magic number today, I thought I’d tell you about our new contest: We are giving away FIVE cobi chairs! To win, you need to convince us why you need cobi. Tell us a compelling or interesting story and what you like about cobi. Extra bonus points if you include some photos, too. Photos can be sent to cobi@smartfurniture.com.

Can’t figure out which color or style of cobi you want to win? Design your own in 3 minutes. Details and rules at Smart Furniture.

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