2014 Resolutions: Organization Tips

2014 Resolutions: Organization Tips

We’ve all banded together to share some of our favorite organization tips and tricks for getting life a bit easier to deal with in 2014. We have also consulted our interior designer and sales guru, Caroline, to give you some fresh ideas as you get started. Her number one “no-brainer” is:

“It’s important to make a list. Make it as specific as possible, like an outline for a school paper. I make lists for everything I do, and it really helps keep me on track! For organizing in the winter – or for spring cleaning – make a list of which rooms you need to organize, planning out what you need to do within each room.”

No matter which space you’re tackling, we have you covered! Read on for some of our best ideas.


books copy

Bookworm? Organize your books by spine color to trick the eye – making your bookshelf seem less cluttered and a lot more cool. Cubits make for a unique modern bookshelf. It’s modular and reconfigurable. Added doors are available for your Cubits to create closed storage for kitchens, bedrooms, closets, and bathrooms.


Caroline’s  Tip:

“Use Cubits to put your outdoor plants on for the winter. It’s plastic so you wouldn’t have to worry about water ruining a wood surface. You can configure it in front of a large picture window so your plants get enough sun and change up the configuration when the plants are outside for the rest of the year.

You can also use some Cubits in a mudroom because it’s easy to clean. Make a cubbie for each person in your household, and a guest cubbie or two. Bottom row for shoes; next row for school books; next row for scarves, gloves, and sunglasses, top row for electronics.”

 Modular Storage


Componibili storage modules from Kartell make for a stylish and functional storage solution for any room in the house. This modular, iconically modern piece makes a great night stand or side table for the bedroom – or it’s perfect for holding toilet paper, blowdryers, and various other excess toiletries in tight bathroom spaces. (Also great for storing pets.)


Modu-licious Storage from Blu Dot can pretty much take care of any organization need you may have, big or small. A broad array of color combinations make for an easy and fun way to color code your belongings’ hideaways or just pull color into an area. From desks and beds to dressers and cabinets, your options are vast with storage like this.

Caroline’s Tip:

“Modu-licious is pretty awesome; you can easily personalize these pieces for a craft room/area or an office space. Here’s an idea for if you have children: each child could pick his or her own color for their own toy drawers. They’d love it!”

Media Storage


Those of us who still enjoy the pleasure of taking a CD out of its case and listening to it spin up before it starts playback will dig these options. Keep your disc cases on the wall and out of the way with the Diamond CD Rack, and you’ll be grateful for the saved space on your shelves. But if you really want to make a statement, choose the totem-like Rung Media Tower – an icon of media and literature.

Living Room


We all know what it’s like to not really have a “home” for those throws and blankets that you only really use for half the year. So here’s the solution: stow those fun fabrics in a coffee table that does double duty. This one’s the Stevenson Coffee Table, and we like it for its warm finish and ornamented black hardware. Classy!

Office Space


Caroline’s Tip:
“I love this system. It makes for a flexible home office that can be used by adults and kids alike. Sturdy reconfigurable shelves and cabinets, perfect storage for books, and room to display fun items and knicknacks. It even has a drawer option and for me that’s key. Drawers are so useful to hide all those unattractive things that no one wants to see, like tape and pens, etc.”

Desktop Organization

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The Anderson Desk Organizer and Tray make for an attractive cork option that warms up your desk without losing any functionality, while the Cabo Wall Pockets take storage off the desk (or floor) and open up creative options. The pockets in particular can be used to add flair to an office space (or even living room) that needs something fresh.

Are you ready to start getting your plan together? Grab a piece of paper and a glass of wine, and sketch out your ideas for the room(s) you’re going to tackle! We hope these organization tips have helped. And if you’re excited about the way things turn out for you, send us a picture! We’d love to see your new, orderly space.

Happy New Year!

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